Monday, March 19, 2012

I am a Disney Freak.  I needed to admit that.  I love the movies, the Disney store and Disney World.  I have been there a total of eleven times, each one a new experience.

My first visit to Disney was between seventh and eighth grade.  EPCOT center had just opened.  We rented an RV and traveled to Florida with my parents, grandparents and my siblings.  I actually don't remember much of that trip but it started my love for Disney.

My next trip was not for 15 or so years. Alexis was just born and we took Dawn and Wendy on their first trip.  It was a great time.

My trips to Disney became more of an adventure the more we went.  My next trip consisted of taking a very active preteen girl and a sulking teenage boy.  To say it was an experience is an understatement.  We couldn't keep up with the preteen and the teenage boy just wanted to go to the hotel to the pool.  Frustrating does not even cover that experience.  The highlight of that trip was when Alexis signed us up to "preform" at Cinderella's castle.  We met at the assigned time and walked across the stage carrying a sign with 1986 prined on it. End of performance.

Our trips became more frequent as my grandchildren came along and they became more highlighted with "adventure". 

I learned a lot from our trips.  I learned never try to keep up with Alexis.  She is on full speed the minute she wakes up in the morning.  To her credit, I do understand her thinking, tickets are expensive and she wants to see everything she can.

I learned not to go to Disney World in August.  Enough said about that.

I learned to let the kids play.  On our trip with Kerrigan it rained one afternoon.  Kerrigan and Aunt Alexis played in the rain, running through the  puddles.  It was one of the best parts of our trips.

I learned going to Disney with each of my children seperately is so much more fun than going together sometimes.  Each of my children and grandchildren are unique.  Each vacation was unique also.  I can go with all three children and grandchildren and each would have a different perspective of the same trip.

My biggest regret was my mother didn't get to go on the trip she meticulously planned.  She became ill just days before we left and never fully recoved.  She passed away just six weeks later.  We spent a lot of time together planning that trip and I treasure those times so much now.   Sometimes the planning is half the fun.

My next adventure is with my sister, her nearly three year old granddaughter and my five  year old granddaughter Rae.  We are planning on heading out the first week of December.  This is a time of year I have wanted to see for a long time.  I am looking forward to spending some uninterrupted time with my sister.  She lives too far away and I miss her.  That is going to be the highlight of this trip. 

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