Friday, March 23, 2012

I have become addicted to NASCAR.  I went to my first race in September and am planning to go again in May.  It helps that the races were both close to the beach but in all seriousness, the race was great.

We found a fantasy NASCAR game and decided to play.  So far I have done well.  I am currently ranked second (Dale is ninth but we won't talk about that).  To be fair, I have no idea about the cars, teams and drivers.  I picked my first car because it was purple. He has already won a race this season.

I have become obsessed.  I check the computer every day to see if there is any NASCAR news.  I have changed my teams and rearranged my driver's so many times, I can't remember who I have from one day to the next.

I am having a great time.  It is fun pretending I am really winning something. (this is a free fantasy so there are not any real prizes). 

I never thought that at my age I would learn to like so many new things.  I am enjoying my life and looking forward to the next new experience.

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