Sunday, March 18, 2012

This has been a long weekend but with a feeling of accomplishment.  Saturday started early (5 am) with a trip to Mechanicburg OH to watch my granddaughter Kerrigan's soccer match.  Unfortunately, I apparently am not good with directions and once we finally found the Y, the match was almost over.  I did get to see Kerrigan play and it was fun. 

What I found interesting was the fact that you had to watch the match through a window.  Bleachers were set up outside the gym and family and friends watched from there.  After I thought about it for awhile, this is a really good idea. 

I remember growing up playing basketball on the outdoor courts in Martins Ferry.  I was always stressful when our parents and family made comments and "coached" from their seats.  I remember parents even being barred from attending games because of their conduct. 

I must confess, I was probably one of those parents when my children were growing up and playing sports.  I complained about bad calls and other assorted complaints.

I never bad mouthed coaches, ours or the opposing teams and NEVER criticized the kids that were playing.  That seems to be common practice.  Sometimes I don't believe people remember these are just kids playing and these games are probably not going to change the outcome of their lives.  I mean, how many pro athletes are there really in the scheme of things. 

I liked the fact that Kerrigan and her friends were not subjected to hearing negative comments.  They got to play just for fun and according to some 8 year olds present, for the snacks they get afterwards.

And to my kids, I am sorry for all the times I embarrassed you while I was in the stands, but I did do it with love.

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