Thursday, March 8, 2012

This is my second day of writing, I already missed yesterday.  I truly admire anyone who writes everyday. 

If anyone knows me at all, they know I have a long standing strong dislike relationship with my car.  There seems to be a cycle going on.  Run for a few weeks, break down, costly repairs, repeat.  Tuesday my car broke down again.  This time I managed to break down at a busy intersection in Elm Grove and blocked traffic coming off  I 70.  Traffic quickly became backed up and I quickly became frustrated.  Some wonderful good samaritans came to my rescue and pushed my car off the road while I waited to once again have my car towed home.

This quickly became the proverbial last straw.  Out of curiosity, (and probably sheer frustration), I posted an ad to sell  my car on Craig's list.  Two and one half hours later, I have nine inquiries.  By the next morning the number was up to twenty five.  I was completely dumbfounded.  Who would want to buy a car that breaks down on a regular basis. 

After sending out a mass email explaining all the problems with the car, I still had six people interested in buying my car. 

I do understand the dangers of selling or buying on Craig's list.  I have taken all the precautions.  Cash only, I will not go on a test drive with anyone and you can only come to see the car when Dale is here also. 

I have some people coming to see the car tomorrow and hopefully this saga will soon be over.  Then the next saga begins, I need to buy a new car.  That is going to be a whole other story.  Wish me luck.

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